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Kimberley Anderson, New York City

Today on the SBc Journal we have Kim Anderson from New York City. What drew my attention to Kim's work was her mixture of urban and city reportage photography. Her charisma and passion in what she does is evident in her work. In an interview below Kim talks about her current projects, the art of storytelling through pictures and her advice on life. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. 

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm originally from Richmond, Virginia and living in New York City. I did a brief stint in Washington, DC but couldn't resist NYC's siren song!   I'm a bit of a  visual storyteller and often drawn to beauty of things mostly overlooked. I love love love all things, vintage, I live to wander and explore, I appreciate a great cup of coffee, a really good Tempranillo, exploring the metaphysical and the movie Beetlejuice. 

2) What drew you into photography? Is it something you do professionally?

My first foray into photography began in High School. My photography teacher, Ms. Graves, encouraged my eye. For many years I did NO photography. I put the camera down and like an old lover the flame was recently rekindled and I cannot imagine life without my beloved camera!  I'm currently working on a project in NYC called Ethnic Enclaves, to tell the visual story of the inhabitants of the various new and growing enclaves in NYC. The beauty, the grittiness, and the success and growth of the migrant networks.

3) You capture such a wide range of images. Would you say you have a preferred backdrop? Like the city or the countryside and why?

I love the city backdrops...a lot. Lots of opportunity for people watching lots to observe.  I also have a big love for southern rural areas. What's better than the simplicity of the slower pace and the inhabitants of the country? I love the fruit stands, the barns and farms, the easy living. So much to see on both sides of the coin so I just like to observe...stand my ground and see what comes along. Usually something truly fantastic!

4) Do you have any photographers or artists that inspire you?

I absolutely adore Vivian Maier's work! Even though we found her work posthumously, it is everything I love about people watching and observing. She was very prolific, and no one even knew she had the eye she did. Completely self taught.  She's my favorite.  I super enjoy the guys from Street Etiquette. Such richness! Every single time. #iStalk

5) What does the future hold for Kim?

Complete and utter magic. I recommend staying tuned. The journey to the future is the most fun! For now...there's only this moment, and in it, all possibilities exist. 

You can follow Kim on Instagram, Vsco and Tumblr