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Ehab Behairy, Cairo


Morning Everyone! Hope you are all having a good Monday so far. I would like to kick off today by featuring someone I came across on Instagram. Cairo based Ehab Behairy. This 'mobile only' photographer caught my eye with his unique perspective and fantastic composition. With 'The SBc Journal' being all about showcasing photographers from around the world I knew that Ehab would be perfect so I decided to fire a few questions his way. 

1) Tell us a bit about yourself?

  So about myself, I'm Ehab Behairy, 22 years old, from Cairo, Egypt, I study business in Cairo University, and I've been practicing mobile photography for about 3 years. It started with Instagram, I was so overwhelmed by how amazing some of the pictures were that I had to try to do it myself, at first I was imitating others' work and as the time passes I believe that I've developed my own style. Finally, I’m “mobile only” kinda guy.  

2) Could you elaborate on the Untitled Droplet Project that you have been working on?

It was an experiment really. I was so bored that I needed to do anything.  It started by using a glass of water and the light of a billboard outside my window, then I used a macro lens to focus on the water droplets and their countless amazing shapes, my computer screen was used as a background and a light source, and finally different scenes from different movies were selected to get different moods and colors. I tried different shapes of glasses (cups) too and water bottles too. It was very challenging to find the right spots to photograph and to keep my hand still because any shake can ruin everything.


3) You seem to photograph a lot of images showcasing people on the street in your city. What factors are unique to the part of the world where you are from?

A mixture of cultures, traditions, ancient history, modernism, undiscovered beauty, good souls, and a bit of insecurity. That’s what makes us unique.

4) Do you have photographers that inspire you?

Actually, I don't like to focus only one or more photographers to get inspired, you know? I get inspiration from movies, music, my friends’ photographs, places, and even from being bored at home that’s when the experiments start, sometimes I get a picture or two, and sometimes I get a full project like “The Untitled Droplets Project”.

5) How has mobile photography changed the way that people see the art of taking a picture?

Well, as someone who was there when mobile photography was just at the beginning, when you can still impress people just by saying "I took this awesome shot by mobile" I can tell you it made big changes. From where I see it, mobile photography changed the concept which says “you have to have a professional camera to take a good picture” that’s not true anymore. I’m not saying don’t use a professional camera, I’m saying it made people care more about the picture itself and what is trying to say and convey rather than what it was taken by. It allows people to show and express their creativity too. It’s so flexible and easy and that’s good and challenging. However, that’s also a bad thing. I was talking with some friends about how it (mobile photography) became mainstream in a bad way. And as time passes we are losing the creative aspect and losing the true meaning of the art of photography in the process. That’s why we choose to expand to new communities like VSCOGrid and Behance moving a little bit away from Instagram. 


You can follow Ehab on Instagram and Behance