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Dan Watson, Manchester

Today on The SBc Journal we talk to Manchester based Graphic Designer Dan Watson. In this interview Dan talks about his creative passions and what the future has in store for his website ITEM. He also shares some of his favourite images from the streets of Manchester and from his travels in Paris and Morocco. Read on below.. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm 28, currently living in Manchester. Im a graphic designer who enjoys photography. Constantly looking for inspiration in Manchester's urban landscape. I also have a great love for menswear, traveling, street photography, interior design and coffee. You can find out more by visiting my blog I T E M, which is a photo journal of my interests and travels. Also showcasing some of my street photography.

Is photography a profession or something you do on the side?

I have always held a great interest in photography. From a young age I grew up watching my father and grandfather take a big interest in photography. I carry my camera everywhere, constantly on the lookout for the next shot. I have done freelance photography in the past for independent coffee shots and delis. However I love the freedom of not knowing whats going to catch my eye in everyday life. 

Black and White or Colour?

That's a tough one. With Manchester being known for its grey gloomy skies, you'd think black & white would be ideal. However I love the mix of vibrant colours against the grainy Manchester backdrop. 

Are there any artists that influence your style of photography?

I take influence from a number of street photographers. I love the realness and raw style of Vladimir Milivojevich (Boogie). Also Jeff Mermelstein and Jerry Pena's work really influences me. Jerry Pena has an amazing eye for colour. I also take influence from Vivian Maier. Her self portraits are really strong.

What does the future hold for Dan?

The future, who knows! I am in talks with a few exciting brands for features on I T E M. This is really going to be a driving point for me, working on the blog and pursuing photography.

Follow Dan on Instagram and check out his blog ITEM