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The Beauty Of Autumn


How are we all doing? Hope you have all had a relaxing start to the weekend. Unfortunately I had another collision on my bike which has left me a bit worse for wear but am have spent all week at home in bed recovering. My other half and I decided it would be great for me to get some fresh air and nipped out to Chorlton Green which is adjacent to the Chorlton-Cum-Hardy suburb of Manchester. It’s definitely one of the favourite parts of the city with lush green foliage and the river Mersey snaking through it. With autumn gathering pace we thought it would be a great time to go for a walk there and so we headed out with my camera and left our phones behind. Even though you can hear the motorway in the distance its a fantastic place to disconnect from the world. Favourited by runners and dog walkers there’s no shortage of benches to park yourself and watch the world go by. There was a lot more greenery that I imagined but it was still a beautiful afternoon out. Hope you enjoy these images from the day and have a safe weekend ahead!




Chorlton-Cum-Hardy is also a haven for beautiful architecture and was once home to the Gibb Brothers, members of a band called The BeeGee's. Saturday Night Fever anyone?


The above image was taken at the Manchester Natural History Museum, also another great place to visit if you happen to be in the city.  


Apart from the fact it gets gloomy and miserable there's no denying that autumn as a season has its own beauty. Plus it gives us a reason to layer up! 


The river Mersey snaking its way through Chorlton Green.