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Its Sunday..

Its Sunday. I have been waiting for this day all week! I've had an incredibly industrious but rewarding week. The day has started well so far. I've just had breakfast in bed, MacBook Pro on my lap with The Best of Al Green playing in the background. The sun is making every attempt to wriggle its way into the living room via the half shut blinds. Apart from my other half being stuck at work its a perfect sunday. Unfortunately I've got to spend the morning editing pictures and video's But why don't you guys make the best of the day. Well if you are stuck for things to do. I've put together a list of my favourite things to do on a Sunday through the medium of pictures. Go for a walk around the canals or the countryside, Hey! if you live near a beach head out for a walk in the surf. Breathe in all that fresh air, grab brunch with a friend or a loved one, check out the dinosaur exhibition at the museum. There's only one Sunday in the week. Make it count!

Think I might shut my laptop lid and head out myself..

Have a great day whatever you do.

Much Love


All pics by SchoolBoyCouture using a Leica M9 and Fujifilm X100