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London Collections is always a great time to be in the city. You get to meet all the people you have been speaking to online in one place. It could be the first time you have ever met! It was definitely the case with my last trip. I met some very driven and inspiring individuals that I have been speaking to over a long time but never actually met in person. There's a certain buzz in the air. Running from one venue to the other, waiting for a show to start not knowing what to expect as the music starts.. Amongst it all you can't help but admire the beautiful city that London is. From its architecture both old and new to the people that call it home. My other half and I had many a walk along the thames each evening and embraced the city in all its glory. Can't wait till the next time that I am there.. Hope you enjoy these pictures from my trip. Pics by SchoolBoyCouture using a Leica M9