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Apple iPad Mini Review

And here it is.. After years or rumours the little baby in the iPad family. But is it just a scaled down version of its older brother or a different device altogether. In the next few days I plan to use it as my daily driver and see if the device is all its hyped up to be so expect a detailed review on the website soon. For now here are my first impressions.. The first time you pick the device up there's no denying how light it is, My other half thought it felt like a toy and that's exactly what it feels like. The screen, although the same resolution as the iPad 2 i.e 1024 x 768 looks a lot punchier due to the pixels being crammed into a smaller screen. We got along just fine before Apple introduced the Retina Display and most users will get along fine too. Text is sharp while colours are vivid and bright. The bottom is flanked with the new lightning connector and stereo speakers, I sense some big brother envy here already. Its powered by the A5 chip which was the same one that powered the iPad 2 and the new iPod Touch. Apps zip along just fine, even processor hungry ones such as iMovie and iPhoto. The fit and finish is definitely bullet proof. It even worked fine plugged into my Bose SounDock 2 with the help of the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter. These are my initial impressions for now, I will be updating the review over the weekend so keep checking the website for details and follow me on Twitter. For now here are some images of the new iPad Mini below. Fresh out of the box. Its available to purchase from Apple's Online Store and in-store today.

Pics by SchoolBoyCouture