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If like me you've taken the plunge into the new all singing and dancing iPhone 5 you would have had that sinking feeling in your stomach knowing all your old 30-pin based accessories have gone the way of the dinosaurs. My 3 month old Bose Portable SoundDock didn't seem to pleased when the new iPhone made its presence felt at home. Fortunately for us Apple has rather ingenious genius solution in the form of a £25 (gulp!) adapter that makes your new iPhone 5 work with your old 30-pin based accessories. When the new all digital Lightning connector was announced I thought to myself, "Surely they should provide one in the box?", If you were an early adaptor of Apple products like me you would remember that the original iPhone came bundled with a dock amongst other things. As the years have gone by the included accessories have got more scarce. Where are my Apple stickers?? Initially I resorted to using a spare Bluetooth adapter that plugged into the back of the SoundDock via its Auxillary input but this made the battery powered dock less portable than its intended use as the Bluetooth adaptor required a mains connection to keep it powered. So when I saw the new Lightning to 30-pin adapters in stock in the local Apple store I took the gamble and picked one up. The first impressions after you take it out of the box is how small it is, but being big at the same time. It made my new iPhone work seamlessly with the universal iPod dock and the SoundDock but as you can see from the pictures. Pretty a sight it is not! I don't understand why it has to be so tall. For its slender size the Lightning connector holds on to the phone with great force putting to rest any worries I had of knocking the phone over. I often pull the connector along with the phone as I grab it out of the dock. Is it worth the money? If you have invested heavily in 30-pin based accessories then YES!, You might have to remove the iPhone out of any case you might have to make it work. I am waiting on an Incase Slider Case which should make docking easier. But you've got to ask yourself for a company that prides itself on industrial design it sure is ugly...