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There's no denying the fact that the biggest piece of news this week was the release of Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone, Its turned into a bit of a yearly ritual, I watched the unveiling with every page refresh on my favourite technology blog, I was surprised at how much of this phone had leaked over the last few months, from individual components, the new housing to the whole phone itself. Yes the screen is larger and the whole phone as a whole is a lot lighter but you can't help but feel a little underwhelmed.. Are we expecting too much? iOS 6 is great but with each feature that was explained in the keynote the reasons to upgrade diminished. Even die-hard fanboys like myself were left with left with a bitter aftertaste. Sure the new Lightning Connector is smaller but an adaptor in the box would be great and there must be a more practical version of an adaptor for existing docks that can fit into the standard docking cradle slots that people normally interchange depending on the iPod model used. LTE is definitely a great addition especially to us in the UK. Once the networks get their act together that is.. The newly formed Everything Everywhere is promising but without a peek of what the pricing plans are like its hard to get an idea what the options will be.. I managed to get my pre-order in this morning before they sold out and the delays kicked in so will be giving a detailed comparison to the iPhone 4S after it is delivered next Friday. Keep an eye out for the review..

Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 5? Feel free to let us know your thoughts via the comments section below..