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As beautiful as Apple products are there's no denying the fact that every time you pick up your iPhone it feels like you are picking up a shard of glass. Every time I feel like removing my case and going commando I see people with shattered screens and the case slips right back on. The iPad with its aluminium back is not immune to this either, countless YouTube video's will show you how fragile they are. If the screen doesn't crack upon impact you know the aluminium will dent. With this is mind I've been looking for an iPad case for what must feel like years. The fancy leather ones are great but they don't offer drop protection and every time my backpack hits against something (I'm the clumsiest person in the world..), the first thing I do is check on my slate. Herschel's Heritage iPad cases have been around a while and having toyed with the idea of snapping one up I finally took the plunge today. It was either red, grey or blue. So red it was! The lining is great in Herschel tradition with plenty of detailing. I'm pretty certain this case will work with any generation of the iPad. I've got a hard snap back and the smart cover on and it still fits perfectly in the case. Let the clumsiness begin! 


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