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SBc Interviews: Justin Keller from Shipley & Halmos

While at Jacket Required a couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with many a stylish gent, all from different parts of the globe with their own sartorial stamp. One of those dapper individuals was Justin Keller from Shipley & Halmos, Not forgetting the fact that he has the coolest barnet I had ever seen in years! If you don't know who they are yet you need to! From the response they have been getting at trade show's around the world we will be hearing a lot more about them in the coming months. They certainly get my stamp of approval! I managed to grab Justin for a few questions about him and the brand. So grab yourself a martini and read on.. SBc: Could you please introduce yourself? JK: Justin Keller

Sbc: What is the inspiration behind Shipley & Halmos? JK: Well I am not a designer, I am the head of sales. So for me the inspiration/drive is to strategically position the line in the best stores throughout the world, creating healthy and organic growth for the brand. Nothing forced, and all about partnerships from the store owners and buyers all the way down to the sales staff on the front lines.

SBc: How much creative input if any do you get in the brand? You mentioned that your time amongst customers/buyers had a lot to do with this? JK: Even though I am not a designer, I have a good amount of input into the collection. A great example is the baseball jacket from Spring 13; Sam (Shipley) for seasons have tried to find a way to get this into the collection. We have had tremendous success with the varsity jacket style and so this "little league" jacket was designed on the same body of the S&H variety. I also work with the designers and production team to merchandise the collection at a design level, most importantly with suiting and shirting swatches. Like you said, I work very closely with the stores we sell to, and so I am the "eyes and ears" for what our clients are asking for and what is performing in the market.

SBc: Who is the ideal S&H Customer? JK: A "guys guy", of all ages. Someone that does not take fashion too seriously. Sometimes searching for great materials, consistent fits, and fresh colours. Also someone with a playful/lightheartedness to their personality.

SBc: Any favourite pieces from the line? JK: Well the baseball jacket is one of my favourites for Spring 13. I also like the short sleeve print shirts and soft shoulder blazers. Last spring we did colourful sweatshirts and the office gives me a lot of grief as I wear them all.. the.. time..

SBc: You've had such a positive response from the trade show's you've been to so far, what does the future hold for the brand? JK: Growing our brand awareness at a global level. Getting more product into new markets, and gaining new S&H fans one at a time.

SBc: Any other brands at Jacket Required that caught your eye? JK: The limited edition print Herschel backpacks were sweet, I am definitely a backpack guy. Also will give a shout out to Sunspel, they hooked me up with a sweet pair of croakies (I was in the market for a pair)

SBc: If you had to plan a trip aboard Star Trek's Enterprise what 3 items would you carry with you? JK: Well of course the DVD box-set! Just kidding; all jokes aside, I would bring my iPhone as I am addicted to "words with friends", peanut butter and jelly supplies, and of course the S&H baseball hoop!

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