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Erotica.. 20 Years Later

Love or loathe her there's no denying the impact that Madonna has had on the music industry as an artist. Apart from her antics on stage at her recent MDNA tour and the controversies it has stirred up her contribution to the art of music is undeniable. I have been a fan since I was 3 years old. I still remember the first time I heard La Isla Bonita and the rest is history. I finally managed to get hold of a copy of her SEX book from the 90's. Shot by Steven Meisel it features big names such as Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossolini, Udo Kier and Vanilla Ice to name a few. Never seeing it before I was rather impressed at how much more tasteful the book turned out to be that what my expectations were. Released on October 21 1992 it quickly became the most successful coffee table book ever released selling all 1.5 million copies of its first edition worldwide. Unopened copies still sell on eBay for approximately $500USD. Footage shot on set was primarily used for the making of the 'Erotica' video, The title single from her 1992 album. Which happens to be the first Madonna album I ever purchased. I've included some pictures from the book. Some of which might not be suitable for minors..

Erotica.. 20 Years Later.

Pics by SchoolBoyCouture