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The South Bank

Following on from my post about London a couple of weeks ago, I would like to take great pleasure in sharing these shots I took of the South Bank during the second half of my trip to London. Today is the first monday after our holiday and I've booked the monday off to ease myself into the working week. Probably the smartest decision I have made in a while! Gives me  a chance to catch up with all the emails from the time we were away. Shot a brilliant editorial yesterday for Topman LTD. The post goes live on wednesday in the a.m so make sure you check the site out on the day. The South Bank is a very popular part of the capital and is situated in the Borough of Lambeth. It serves as a significant arts and entertainment district with various pop up events and more establish venues like The Southbank Centre, The Royal Festival Hall, The Royal National Theatre and The London Eye to name a few. It was just past home time and every table that was out in the sun was occupied by people soaking in the rays. We don't get much in the way of sunshine so when it does happen people are quick to make the most of it. I walked to meet my friend Joe at the Southbank centre as he had some of my bags and after a quick chat and goodbye made my way across to Westminister which is on the opposite side to catch the tube. These shots were taken along my journey and are definitely going into my favourites folder. I hope you enjoy them.. It was one of those moments that just cannot be described in words.


Pics by SchoolBoyCouture