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Dawn to Dusk..

After what must seem like the longest journey in the world my other half and I touched down in the town of Newquay in Cornwall. For those of you who aren't familiar with the place it's on the south-west tip of the country and is renowned for its beautiful beaches and rugged coastline. The people are relaxed and friendly too. A welcome change from the bustle of the city.We woke up at the crack of dawn ( something you don't usually do on the first day of your holiday ) and headed out.. It was absolutely glorious. We have been coming here for years and have never seen the ocean this calm. Hardly a wave in sight. You could see straight through the emerald green water. So we grabbed some breakfast and sat by the harbour with out feet dangling over the ocean before heading out on a fishing trip. Unfortunately we didn't catch any fish but it was a great day to be out at sea!

After a spot of lunch we slipped into our wetsuits and headed out into the ocean. Followed by a walk to a cliff to watch the sun set!

A perfect day one if you ask me.. Hope you love the pictures below.. From dawn to dusk.

Pics taken by SchoolBoyCouture