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As I draft this post I am sat with my other half in bed cuddled up with a warm fluffy duvet, I'm trying to combat what seem to be the signs of a rather sinister summer cold. It seems to have been doing the rounds at the office and I think it might be my turn. Not the best thing as its my birthday weekend and we are having a huge party at our flat! I went for my first run in a year last Saturday. Ran for a total of 8 miles! Not the best decision as my feet are absolutely killing me! Might take it easy next time. Ran all along the Manchester Canals that pass through the city to Old Trafford which is the home of Manchester United and back. The canals played a key role in Manchester's day's of old when ships from all around the world supplied the goods required to keep its booming industrial economy going. Was the perfect day for it as the sun was out time and again. Here are some pictures I snapped from the run.. Hope you like them and are having a great week.

Much love.