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Introducing Rockerfeller..

How are we all doing? Hope you all had a good weekend. Its been cloudy over here in Manchester towards the latter half of the week but the sun was shining this morning when I woke up. Stepped out in some shorts but maybe it was a bit too early for that as I spent the rest of the day walking around briskly to keep myself warm. I also got myself another tattoo. Say hello to Rockerfella, the reason he is called that is because he has a gold tooth! This is probably my favourite tattoo at the moment and I'm adding up quiet a few. For someone who used to have a phobia for needles I've done quiet well. Its my first Mexican sugar skull. Can't wait to get my next one! Managed to snap some pictures while my rather stylish tattooist was doing her thing. Couldn't help but staring at her white Marc Jacobs watch! Have a lovely week ahead.