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Billionaire Boys Club X Mark McNairy: Country Brogue Boot

And there we have it.. The first release from the much awaited Billionaire Boys Club x Mark Mcnairy collection. Called the "BEE Line", the focus is not so much on numbers but limited high-quality pieces that combine the strength's from both brands with their shared love for classic Americana. Working closely with the iconic British firm Sanders the pair have created a black leather brogued lace-up boot highlighted by three colour variations of brick sole – yellow (a signature colour for the brands bee motive) red and royal blue. There's even a corresponding colour pull-tap at the back. The blue soled version is exclusive to Colette in Paris but the other two variations can be purchased via select outlets around the world and the BBC/Ice-Cream online store.

I have to say I'm definitely swaying towards the blue and yellow one.. You?





Set Design - Rachel Thomas Photography - Jenny Van Sommers