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Whiz Limited FW12

If there is one place in this world that I would relocate to at the drop of a hat it would be Tokyo. There's something about that crazy, bright city with all its technology and mind boggling creativity that has me hooked like a wasp to a yellow Burberry trench on a summers day. Every time I watch a video of Tokyo my brain neurons start firing synapses. One of my favourite video's of this city is Tokyo Rising shot by Palladium Boots and hosted by Pharrell Williams. Its like the Japanese have always been a step ahead. The same applies to their fashion. COMME des GARCONS to Human Made and Bedwin & The Heartbreakers to name a few. Whiz Limited a brand started by Hiroaki Shitano showcased at Tokyo Fashion Week this month, Hiroaki started with hand-made printed shirts that were worn by close friends and grew in popularity by word of mouth to the brand it is today. Its FW12 collection has a wide array of Native American influences. There's heaps of camo detailing throughout the line with jackets that appear ample but with a slender cut at the same time. There's definitely a Japanese aesthetic present throughout the line from the colours, cuts and the materials used.

Whiz Limited