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Once again I have let you all down.. I haven't posted in over a week and that's long even by my standards. Over the last few days the weather has been nice and lovely. Finally we are seeing some signs of summer on the cusp of bearing its warm rays on the masses. My beautiful other half and I grabbed our bags and headed to the beach.. The beach you might ask? In the north of England. I assure you a place does exists where you can burn your feet in the sand. Just don't step into the water. Martha's Vineyard this is not.. Although it does look a lot like Amity, the fictional town from the Spielberg classic 'Jaws', The beach is called Formby and is an hour away by train from Manchester. Its a lot closer to Liverpool and you can see the famous city from the beach with ferry's from Dublin shimmering across the Irish sea on a sunny day. On the way to the beach you have to walk through a Red Squirrel Reserve. For those of you who don't know they are an endangered species. especially in the UK. A former native of the land they have been driven into smaller pockets by the more aggressive Grey Squirrel. The beach itself has an array of high sand dunes blocking it from direct sight. After copious amounts of food was consumed and pop sipped away it was time to come back home but not before a walk along the waves and catching the sunset. Here are some pictures from the day. Hope you like them and have a lovely week ahead.


Much Love


Hat, Tee and Shorts: Topman

Beach Mat and Tote: A Bathing Ape