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The Whistlestop Trip

Believe it or not this is the second time I have typed this post, I typed it all up on Monday night and scheduled it for Tuesday morning and Wordpress decided to delete it right in front of my eyes for no apparent reason, over 2 hours worth of work just vanished into thin air! or cyberspace if you want to call it that. Hope you are all having a better week than me. Its just been a bit disheartning to see all your hard work go away, just like that! As mentioned it in a post later last week I was in London on Saturday. Was up at the crack of dawn and boy was it cold. A few hours later I was bang in the middle of London. Met up with a few friends and headed over to the Saatchi Gallery for the afternoon. If you haven't been its definitely worth a visit if you are visiting the city. There was a rather enchanting market on right next to it too.

No trip to London is complete without a spot of shopping. I snapped up a new leather case for my iPad and a new wallet courtesy of the BAPE® Pirate Store that's on till the end of the week, more coming up on that later. Overall it was a wonderful day spent with friends old and new with lots of food. I've included some pictures from the trip. Hope you like them and have a great week ahead.

Much love