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Uncommon Deflector Case for iPhone 4/4S

After years of having a black iPhone i decided to go for the white model when I upgraded to the iPhone 4S. As much as I love the phone I found myself in a bit of a dilemma with regards to the case. Unlike the black model before its a lot harder to find a case that blends well with the blinding white iPhone. I originally went for the incase snap case, but after 2 defective ones in a month I nipped down to the Apple store receipt in hand for a swap. After much contemplation I decided to go for this rather colourful beauty. Called the Deflector case from Uncommon its a similar design to the incase snap abet slightly thicker. The colours are deep and crisp and are manufactured so they don't chip or fade with time. The packaging is rather minimalistic, no stand like you get with the incase but if its not something you use then you won't really miss it. Its got a nice black bezel which complements the screen nicely and there's an anti-glare camera ring which seems to be a standard in most cases these days. The cases are designed in USA and come in a spectrum of colours but I opted for this blue number. So far I seem to be pretty pleased with it. The open top means that unlike Apple's bumper cases you are not limited by the headphones you can use. You can snap these up from the Apple Store here.  

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