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Palladium Boots x BOXPARK

I'm sure by now all of you have stumbled across Palladium Boot's brilliant video called Tokyo Rising. Featuring none other than Pharrell Williams it features the multi-faceted artist travelling across Tokyo in the aftermath of the events that shook the country earlier this year. Stop along the way included famous artists and talented individuals alike all giving their take on the events that we saw unfold on live television and how that has changed the way they see the world and large corporations and even the government at the same time using art and music to breathe life into the heart of Japan.

If you fancy doing a little exploration yourself why not head over to the Palladium retail space in Boxpark not the 3rd of December, to take part in the Shoe Exchange which will see Palladium Boots handing out 100 pairs of their famous boots. The Shoe Exchange will allow people who visit the Palladium pop-up at BoxPark to request a map that will direct them to a camper van parked somewhere in Shoreditch. The first 100 people to find the location of the van will be asked to hand in their map (doubling up as a voucher) and exchange their shoes for a brand new pair of Palladiums!

The concept is in keeping with the theme of Palladium – Urban Exploration. Founded in France in the early Twentieth century as a producer of rubber for the aviation industry, Palladium soon branched out into expert footwear, supplying the Foreign legion with specialised vulcanised rubber boots for their various worldwide expeditions. The Palladium we have today keeps true to this ethos. As an urban, cult footwear brand they promote us all to explore our cities beyond the traditional tourist map. Boxpark in the heart of London’s most creative & diverse cultural district is the perfect start for anyone to get their boots on and start exploring!

The Shoe Exchange will equip people for their very own urban exploration of the city! Check out some images from the store below. See you there!

Palladium Boots