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Vertu Constellation Luxury Touchscreen Smartphone

Vertu is a brand that has been synonymous with luxury handsets for quiet some time now but if there's one thing they haven't had in their opulent arsenal of mobile phones thats a full touch-screen model. That now changed thanks to the new Vertu Constellation Touchscreen smartphone. As always the phones are made using the most luxurious materials and offer a bespoke service allowing the buyer to customise their phone with some rather pricey options. The smartphone however uses Symbian for its OS. In a time where iOS and Android seem to be the benchmark that other competitors measure themselves against Symbian is an interesting choice. It would make sense, after all Vertu is a luxury division of Nokia and the targeted customer is not someone you would come across playing Angry Birds on his way to work. As with all the other Vertu models before it comes with the second-to-none concierge service that is accessible anytime from anywhere in the world. Vertu have also reported the 'best quarter ever', maybe they should inject some of that cash into Nokia? What are your thoughts on the phone?