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I get a lot of questions about the tools that i use on a daily basis for my blog. Instead of answering them one by one thought it would be easier to dedicate the post to the arsenal of SchoolBoyCouture. 

1) Macbook Pro 13" - I've had this laptop for a few years now and it's the perfect size as far as portability is concerned and getting the job done. I have on numerous occasions contemplated upgrading to the 15" model but the gain in size don't make it as portable as I would like it to be.

2) iPhone 4 - I've been using iPhone's since the day they were launched, Occasionally I have switched to a BlackBerry but quickly returned to iOS because of the applications. As a productivity tool you can't beat the iPhone and exclusive app's such an Instagram which I happen to use a lot are always a draw. I pair this up with an Incase Slider iPhone 4 case as it offers all-round protection and considering how clumsy i am it has been a lifesaver in many a situation.

3) iPad 2 - Part of my job involves doing a lot of research online and browsing the web, not to mention answering countless emails every day. The added real estate on the iPad makes it a lot easier plus it comes it handy when i want to catch up on some tele on the go courtesy of the BBC iPlayer app. Flipboard is definitely one of the greatest inventions ever. If you haven't tried it out look for it in the app store. You won't be disappointed.

4) Fujifilm X100 -  It goes without saying that a camera is a bloggers most important tool. Without great images even the best content will not shine. That's my opinion anyway. I can't remember the number of times i have typed out a post and have scrapped the whole thing simply because the images were not up to scratch. I've had the X100 for quiet a while now and really enjoy shooting with it. The pictures are crisp corner-to-corner and I often get stopped in the street by other photographers who simply want to know what the camera is like or people who mistake it for a Leica. You can't deny the fact its one sexy looking piece of kit. People might be put off by the fact that it has a fixed lens but unless you are taking pictures of athletes at the Olympics this camera will do just fine!

5) Bose OE Audio Headphones - I've had these headphones for years and the sound they offer is out of this world. The bass and depth in the image is always welcome when I'm travelling long distances, and teamed up with the iPad for movies its like a cinema on the go.

6) Seagate 1TB Hard Drive - As the images that come out of my camera are large I've found it quiet handy to use an external hard-drive to save my iPhoto files on. This takes a lot of load off the MacBook Pro and reduces appearances of the Beach Ball of Death! Shudder..

7) Casio DB-360 Digital Watch -  You rarely find people wearing wristwatches these days. Hey if you've got a phone why bother? I like having this watch as its digital and you can store 30 phone numbers in it, just in case your phone dies and you need that important number to call. You can't beat a 10 year battery life ether.

8 ) A Pen - Basic stationary is a must. Also missing from this picture is a Moleskine notebook.

9) Super Francis Ciccio and Super People Francis Glasses- Unfortunately all the time spent in front of the screen has brought the need to wear prescription glasses. I struggled to find the perfect frame for ages but managed to track down a pair of Super People Francis sunglasses and had a prescription lens fit in them. The Super Francis Ciccio are probably one of the most beautiful pair of sunglasses I've come across and the Zeiss lens keeps the harmful sun out of your eyes. Not to mention the blinding lights of oncoming paparazzi in case you are confronted by them!

And there you go, That's my toolbox. How about you guys? Have you got any favourite items that you wouldn't leave the house without? Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

Pics by SchoolBoyCouture