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Filson Waxed Cotton Padded Jacket

If you were to say to me. SchoolBoyCouture you've got to pick one jacket to keep you warm throughout the winter months, then this would be it. Without a shadow of doubt the Filson Waxed Cotton Padded Jacket would be my new best friend through the winter months. Its got everything you could ever ask for. Its in a shade of beautiful orange which is a start. Surely you don't want to blend into the crown of blacks and greys? The Navajo-inspired lining is paired up with 4 front snap fastening pockets, and two back zip ones for added security. The love of the great outdoors is what inspired CC Filson's designs which was fuelled by his career as an American railroad conductor in the later 1800's. Scroll down below the break for some more salivating images of this beautiful jacket.