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As much as I dread winter there's something very magical about an autumnal morning, all crisp and cold, especially when the sun is out too. My trip to London yesterday was a perfect example. I arrived early in the am as usual and its always magical watching the city come to life. The coffee shop shutters are just beginning to open, like the eyelids of their customers. There's people running to work, cycling even, in huge numbers! I could have sworn that I was bang in the middle of the tour de France next to Marble Arch with the number of commuters rushing to work on their rather trendy bikes, biking gear and all! The rest of the day was spent rushing from one meeting to another. a lovely press day at anumberofnames which I shall be discussing is detail in another post. As the day went on it actually got really warm and as I was grabbing lunch in Trafalgar Square with a friend we could have sworn it was the middle of summer, never mind the last week in October. Alas the day came quickly to an end and I had to make my way back home. but not without an arsenal of pictures to share and write about. Keep your eyes on the blog over the next couple of days and thank you as always for coming back.