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Seals, Mackerel's and Weever Fish..

What a day its been, today for a change we decided to stay in Newquay and make the most of the fine weather. We were meant to go on a fishing trip yesterday but because of the rain decided to postpone it a day. Up we were at the crack of dawn but first things first it was time for breakfast so to the supermarket we headed to grab some clotted cream. For my readers from outside the UK clotted cream is a speciality around the South-West of England. It's a really thick cream that is normally eaten with Scones and Strawberry jam. If you are from Cornwall you spread the clotted cream first and then the jam on top and if you are from Devon its the other way around, either way its absolutely delicious and is widely known as a 'Cream Tea'. Unfortunately as delicious as it is, its also very fattening, not something you want to eat as you are catching up on updates from Man day at London Fashion Week. More on that coming up in the next few days..

So we headed off to the boat. I decided not to carry my Fujifilm X100 on the boat in-case the boat capsized or we were attacked by a killer shark and he ran away with my camera. Once we set off we hit a rough patch which immediately made my question my decision to take the trip on. My other half bless him felt sea-sick and held on to the nearest beam throughout the journey.  I could have sworn there were indentations of his fingerprints on the metal beam he was holding on to after the trip. While going past the cliff there was a group of people jumping off the cliff into the swells. As professional as it looked i can't help but imagine that they looked like Do-Do's jumping off a cliff to their deaths like the ones in the movie Ice-Age. .

We set our bait off and i was the first one on the boat to catch a mackerel. By the end of the trip I had caught three! After we got back to the harbour there was a massive seal waiting for us right next to where i was sat. As adorable as he/she looked with his glassy eyes all impressions of adorability quickly changed the moment someone threw a mackerel over and he opened his mouth to show his killer set of teeth, Gulp! After a spot of shopping for lunch we headed off to the beach with my board. Unfortunately for me half an hour into it I was stung by a Weever Fish, now until today I have never heard of the Weever Fish but the lifeguard who later immersed my foot in boiling water to break down the venom told me they have 3 spines just above their head that they use to inject venom if something steps on them. Its all very delightful for the fish but not for me, Words cannot describe the pain. It all seems to be going away now but that didn't stop us from having  lovely picnic on the beach and watching the sun go down. I've attached a few pics from the day. They are a mix between taken from my X1oo and iPhone 4 hence the difference in quality. Hope you guys like them... Have a lovely evening.