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Parke & Ronen Spring/Summer 2012

If you are on of those people that likes to plan their wardrobe a year ahead then I've got just the thing for you to plan your summer holiday wardrobe around. Parke & Ronen have just showcased their Spring/Summer 2012 line at New York Fashion Week and aren't we in for a treat. Overall the shorts have a much higher cut to them so you better get those legs worked out in the gym. Isn't it funny how some people just concentrate on working up their upper body and completely ignore their legs.. Anyway. There's me going off on a tangent again.

Geometric prints and stripes are teamed nicely with bold colours to give everything a light airy effect. There's some great vests and jackets too. For those times when you just have to slip into something warmer. What do you think of the collection? Feel free to comment below.

Pics courtesy of FuckingYoung.