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Looks like we will be getting a new iPhone before the end of the year after all. The big boys at Cupertino have been sending out invitations for their October 4th event. I've been using iPhone's from the day they were released and its funny to see how they've gone from being shunned by the masses for their lack of features to the most ubiquitous phone you can find these days. On my way home from work today i could have sworn that around 80% of the people on the bus I was on were using iPhone's. For a change no one know's that the new iPhone is going to look like. One can only imagine that security was beefed up thanks to the events of last year. There will no doubt be a post on here once the details are finalised. Have you been an iPhone user since day one or have you recently discovered your love for all things Apple. Let us know via the comments section below..