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Hasselblad 30 Year Gold Edition

Established in 1841 in Gothenburg, Sweden, as a trading company, F.W. Hasselblad and Co. The founders son, Arvid Viktor Hasselblad, was interested in photography and started the photographic division of the company. While on honeymoon, Arvid Hasselblad met George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak and in 1888, Hasselblad became rhe sole Swedish distributor of Eastman's products. Business was so good that in 1908, the photographic operations were spun off into their own corporation. The rest is history. Perhaps the most famous use of the Hasselblad camera was during the Apollo programme missions when man first landed on the Moon. Almost all of the still photographs taken during these missions were modified Hasselblad cameras. The company's traditional V-System cameras remain widely used by professional and serious amateur photographers. One reason is the reputation for long life and quality of available lenses. They might not have the beauty of a hand-made Leica from the outside but they have a cult following never the less. Only 1400 of these 30th Anniversary Hasselblads were released in 1987. You can pick up #659 on eBay for $4399.00 this second. Any buyers?

Pics courtesy of BBC/Ice-Cream Blog.