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E. Tautz Spring/Summer 2012

The E.Tautz collection presented at Man Day during London Fashion Week had some nice relaxed cuts. Founded in 1867 by Edward Tautz in London's prosperous West-End. Tautz had been head cutter at the venerable Hammond & Co where he had been tailor to England's finest sporting gentlemen, including Edward VII and quickly established a thriving business. On April 1, 1878 The Times wrote ‘“The Tautz's” make is as easily recognised by a connoisseur as the best brand of claret or the choicest Havanna’.

Double breasted jackets seem to have made a bit of a comeback this year. I love the relaxed look of the whole line. Not restraining in the slightest. What are your thoughts not the collection? Feel free to comment below..

Pics courtesy of FuckingYoung