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Carhartt Brand Book No 6

Carhartt have just released the 6th edition of their ever popular brand book. The moment I heard of it I nipped over to my local Carhartt store and they were kind enough to give me one. The books themselves showcase the brands latest lines and collaborations with special emphasis on this years fall/winter 2011 collection. Apart from that they also make excellent coffee table books. There are some great editorials and detailed reviews of collaborations such as the recent Carhartt x Mastermind one. There's also a great interview with Luca Barcellona who is the artist behind the brand's graphics. So head over to your nearest Carhartt Store and pick a copy today or alternatively scroll below for some hi-res images from the book.

Carhartt Store Manchester, 59-61 Odham Street, Manchester, M1 1JR  +44(0)161 831 9488

Pics by SchoolBoyCouture