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One of my favourite shops in Manchester has to be the Bang & Olufsen store on King Street. For years I have walked past it and admired at the beautifully designed gadgets inside. I remember walking past with my other half earlier this year and mentioning how great it was that the store was still open for all these years as other stores in the vicinity had long gone. It was to my shock and the horror of many that the store was the target of the Manchester Riots which was a follow on from the riots in London and all around the country. Hordes of youths stormed the streets and wiped the stores clean, travelling in groups there was not much the police could do but chase them from one location to another.

The Bang & Olufsen store was ransacked and I remember seeing one of the owners of the store on the news saying how he would have to pull the shutters down and call it a day. Months later its great to see the store opening its doors again. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the VIP opening night last Thursday but I called around this morning with my camera to take a few shots of the store taking shape. It was great to meet the staff and hear about their experiences during the riots. Apparently once they had gone past the railings the kids used one of the tv's to prop the railing open so they could empty the store. Talk about a £5,000 doorstopper. Fortunately business is back to usual in the store. The products are back in beaming as ever. You cant help but appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating a Bang & Olufsen product. The store offer bespoke services for those who need a bit of a helping hand or advice and the staff are as friendly as ever. So if you happen to walk past the Bang Olufsen store on King Street in Manchester make sure you call in and say hello. You never know. You might walk out with the TV of your dreams. Scroll down below the break for some more images from the store.

Bang Olufsen of King Street 4, 55 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ

+44 161 832 6159