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Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle has been a runaway success for Amazon since day one. As glorious as an iPad might be its not really portable in travel situations. Try using one while you are stood on public transport thats if you dont get mugged first. The Kindle on the other hand is light and wont burn your retinas like the iPads backlit display would. Amazon have finally stepped the game up and introduced the Kindle Fire which is their first touchscreen device. Packing a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and running a customised version of Android the Fire is more like a souped up Kindle, the real head turner has to be the price. At $199 USD its an absolute steal. It might not have built in cameras or 3G for that matter but buyers go do get access to 30-days worth of access to Amazon Prime. You also get access to the Android Appstore, 8GB of internal storage and a chassis that weighs 14.6 ounces. Theres also free Amazon Cloud Storage which allows you to store all your Kindle books, magazines etc for access anywhere. Pre-orders for Americans start today with shipments heading out on November 15th. Are you a Kindle user? Are you going to upgrade your device to the Kindle Fire? Let us know via the comments below..