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Sunday Afternoon with Warhol..

Hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend so far, I certainly have, especially since this was the first weekend of in a long time. Lazed all day yesterday and the other half and I went to check out the Andy Warhol and the Diva exhibition at the Lowry in the Salford Quays. This was the first time I have been there since the Media City Uk has been completed which will be the new home for the BBC once it moves out of London and it's amazing how quickly the area has been transformed from a construction site.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures at the exhibition but it was a nice way to end a wonderful weekend. It featured an extensive collection of Andy's work along with video's and polaroid's that the artist himself took which later turned into the basis of his work. Did you know that he took unto 200 polaroids before finally making a selection and sometimes he had to pick and mix different elements from various polaroids like an artists nose from one and the lips from the other. If you happen to be in Manchester do check out the exhibition. Entry is free but it would be cheeky not to make a donation. The exhibition runs till the 25th of September and more information can be obtained here.