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Casio My Magic Diary JD5000

I dont know why but i suddenly had flashbacks about this and I just had to share it. For those of you that have always had a cell phone (god i really feel my age now) Casio My Magic Diaries were digital organisers that were really popular in the 90s. Basically they were like smartphones without the ability to make calls or text. You had access to all the features as an calendar, phone book, alarms, notepad, world clock etc.. later models also had the ability to send messages to other devices via infrared. The one that i had was the above pictured model. It had the ability to create avatars of your friends to match to your phone books which was great. it also had a fortune teller which was very popular at my school among classmates. especially during our exams! i remember pressing the numbers on it and pretending to call home when i was on holiday. Little did I know that years down the line we would have our lives revolving around smartphones. Did any of you guys have the Magic Diary from Casio? Let us know by commenting below.