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White Label Clothing

I had the most brilliant time at the White Label Clothing Store this weekend. Founded in 2002 in the iconic Afflecks Palace in Manchester the brand has reached iconic status with its anti-establishment roots. A theme that is clearly visible in its line. Hand made in limited numbers the graphic tees, sweatshirts and accessories have a cult following in Manchester and Leeds where their second store is based. The clothes often sell out quicker than they can be made and can also be purchased via their Online Store. I had the opportunity to model some of their clothes and they are brilliantly put together with some great colours and graphics. Most of which you will probably recognise at first glance but on further investigation the brand's clear creative stamp is visible. The service was second to none and you could definitely feel the passion that the owners shared for the brand!

They have also been featured on a documentary on Channel 4 called 'The Hustlers' and have won numerous awards. I cannot wait to work with them again in the future. Keep up the great work lads! Scroll down for some images of the store and yours truly wearing a sample of their brilliant work.

White Label Clothing, 53 Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PD

White Label Clothing, 10 Queens Arcade, City Centre, Leeds, LS1 6LF

pics by SchoolBoyCouture