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Nokia Play 360 NFC Speaker

Nokia seem to be on a bit of a roll today. First there was the N9 which I am personally looking forward to having a play with and now the Play 360 NFC Portable Speaker. Most of us have music loaded on our phones these days. Come to think of it when was the last time you played a CD never mind bought one. The speaker has a clever design where it radiates sound unlike a conventional forward driver design speaker. The driver faces upwards and radiates sound from the sides providing a sweet spot. Two of them can be used as a stereo setup and simple communicate with each other when placed in the the same room. As demonstrated in the video below simply tap a NFC enabled phone like the Nokia N9 and the music starts playing through the speaker. Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm headphone jack connectivity are also provided. The speaker also uses a standard phone battery that is good for upto 20 hours of music playback at 60% of the volume which should make it a perfect travel companion. If the battery goes flat simply charge it up via USB or swap the battery. The speaker will also be available in 3 colours. Sounds pretty good to me!