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Leica M9-P

My favourite camera of all time has to be the Lieca M9. As much as it cost's way above anything else in the photography world practically every photographer that I have come across drools at the word M9. Leica has brought out an update for the iconic camera. Although the overall design remains unchanged, the LCD screen cover is now made of sapphire crystal for its durability and the branding has been toned down to give it a more understated look. It looks almost like the Fujifilm X-100 which is another classic. The iconic Red Dot has been removed and the branding has moved to the upper plate. The camera is available in Leica's classic silver chrome finish or in black. The body also gets a Leatherite finish to top things off. The brand's back catalogue of brilliant 'M' Lenses are compatible with it as well. For more details check out

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