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Blackberry Bold 9900 & 9930

Its been a while since Ive featured a Blackberry on the blog. I used to be a huge fan until I switched to iOS. And their product line just seemed to have lost its way. This is the first release that I have come across that is definitely worth a mention. It actually looks like my old Blackberry 9000 Bold. Called the 9900 & 9930 the new phone features Blackberry 7. The latest version of the Blackberrys software. This is teamed up with a 2.8-inch VGA capacitive touchscreen and a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor. A 5 megapixel camera at the back takes care of the optics and the phone features 8GB of internal memory which is expandable via a microSD card. Both models can also record and playback 720p video. At 10.5mm its RIMs thinnest handset to date. The side has a stainless steel band that goes all around the device which looks a lot like the metal band around an iPhone 4 but is still a nice touch. The 9900 supports HSPA+ connectivity along with 4G while the 9930 is a world variant, adding dual band CDMA and quad band GSM. The Blackberry 7 OS features a faster browser and voice activated search. Both phones have a release date set for summer this year. What do you think of these new models? Do Blackberry have a hit on their hands or are they too late for the party? Feel free to comment below.

via Engadget