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Sony Android Tablets

For a moment lets all pretend that we are not mad at Sony with regards to the Playstation Network fiasco that finally seems to have unfolded itself over the last few days and focus on their new releases! Phew! I cant believe the way they have handled it all. Anyway! The Japanese giant has unveiled the first two Android powered tablets to join its portfolio. Termed the S1 and S2 the names are likely to change closer to production which is estimated to be around autumn this year but given Sonys reputation for sticking to release dates with their handsets we can all take those dates with a pinch of salt. Both tablets run on Honeycomb which is Google's latest software version and is the first version which is specifically developed with tablets in mind. The S2 features a dual screen setup where the screens can be used as a single pane or individually such as using the bottom one as a keyboard or the controls for a game. Both the tablets are Wifi, 3G and 4G ready and support DNLA functionality that enable wireless transmission of data to supported televisions and speakers. The S1 also has an infrared transmitter built in so that it can be used as an universal remote control around the home. Both the devices will be able to run Sony and standard Android Apps. The S1 features a 9.4 inch screen while the S2 has dual 5.5inch screens. What do you make of them? Would you ditch your iPad or Zoom and move over to Sony? Feel free to comment below.

via Designboom