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Miniot iPad 2 Cover

I had a bit of  a play with the iPad 2 the other day and as disappointed as i was with regards to the quality of the camera's there were some definite speed bumps with regards to the responsiveness of the device as a whole and Safari. And the device is so much lighter in the hand not to mention flatter on a surface without that annoying wobbly effect with the first one when you are trying to type. The magnetic covers are a brilliant idea but aren't very convincing when it comes to protecting the front. Miniot have taken the idea further and just like their successful line of iPhone 4 accessories have brought out an iPad 2 case using the same magnetic concept. The covers are available in a variety of finishes, are made in Holland and can be picked up from their website. Just a quick question? How many of you guys have actually picked up an iPad 2? or upgraded from your first generation device??

via Miniot