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BMW Concept M5

I was bobbing along the street over the weekend and an M5 passed by to which I did what comes to me naturally whenever a sports car whizzes past. Stop and listen to the exhaust note, Its something I've done as a child. My other half was not so amused, its only a BMW, well to the untrained eye it is but if you know what an M5 is then you would know that it's a wolf in sheepskin!

BMW have unveiled the M5 Concept (which pretty much looks like the production car if you ask me), new additions include a re-designed front with massive air intakes to feed that turbocharged 8 cylinder beast underneath the hood and to cool those massive brakes down. The rear also gets a spoiler to keep it planted firmly on the ground. Emissions seem to be reduced by 25% which upping power, so claims BMW. All shall be revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show this month. For now scroll down below the break for more images.

via Autoblog

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