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Teacup on Thomas Street, Manchester

I've been looking forward to doing this review for absolutely ages, kinda makes me wonder why i did not do it earlier, this morning i had the pleasure of visiting the excellent Teacup on Thomas Street. Probably one of the most brilliant eateries i have come across in a while. There's something about a place that sells fresh bakery that i absolutely love. Upon entering the doors i was greeted by some rather tasty food just waiting to be eaten which i was told was freshly baked by the ever so polite manager on duty. They also have their own brand of tea that can be purchased. With names such as Heart Of Love Blooming Flower Tea ad Organic Pink Rose Buds there's something for everyone. The lighting was perfect and the music playing just helps you relax with a nice cuppa. If you are feeling a bit more peckish they have a brilliant lunch menu and their meatballs are iconic. So next time you are in Manchester make sure to pop in at the Teacup on Thomas Street. You won't regret it.

Pics by SchoolBoyCouture

Teacup on Thomas Street, 53 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1 NA, Phone  +44(0)1618323233