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Cassie Dixon

One of my favourite artists at the moment, I'd love to present the work of Cassie Dixon, Born in New Mexico in 1987 Cassie moved to Savannah GA where she attended the Savannah College of Art & Design. After a spot of travelling around the world Cassie is based in Princeton where she lives, draws and paints everyday. Ultimately, she would like her work to take her around the world so she can draw in every city, town, country and continent on the globe. She would love to get into skateboard art, t-shirt & shoe design and it is her dream to have an art show in NYC one day.

Her work is a great mix of fantastic colours and beautiful illustrations. I love the way there is a certain fluidity in her images. Its like you are stuck in a multicoloured dream that you don't want to end. Having spoken to her personally with her adorable charm and undoubted talent. I expect nothing but big things for her. Keep up the great work Mama Cass! I'm sure you will have that show in NY before you know it. Do check out Cassie's work at her fantastic Website and don't forget to check her Blog out too!