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Thodio iBox

There are probably the same amount of different iPod docks on the market as there are people on this planet, that might be a slight stretch but you get my drift. What if you want something that stands out from the pack? After all who wants to be a "Me Too" too? The Thodio iBox (roughly USD$490 and up) combine bullet proof build with great sound, it kind of looks like the head of the owl from the first Clash Of The Titans movie. The robotic one. You get a rechargeable battery that's good for upto 15 hours of music playback, a 3.5 mm aux input and output point. two uncovered full range speakers and a front facing bass port for some extra oomph. The top mounted iPod dock is bizarrely optional, oh and the enclosure itself is made from a choice of MDF, oak, teak or mahogany. I have to admit I love those chrome handles on the top but I can't make my mind about the whole package. What do you think??

via Uncrate