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Ever get the feeling when you walk around town that every second person is dressed exactly like the other, I get that every time I leave the house, hordes of clones, everyone seems to be following the same trends, but if like me you want to be different you have to look beyond your high-street chains, and I couldn't think of a better place to start, tucked away in Carnaby Street in London this little gem caught my attention as I walked past it last year, you can read that review over here. But as the months have gone by I could not resist popping in to see what they had in store and boy was I in for a surprise, to begin with they had A Tribe Called Quest playing which is one of my favourite bands! the whole place has been refurbished and the clothes grab your attention more than ever, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Intoxicated by all the designs and colours around me.

The staff were just as i remembered, warm, welcoming and helpful. The latter being the hardest to find in shops these days. They have given me a preview into their upcoming lines and I absolutely love that hot-dog snake sweatshirt! all the artwork is done by up and coming artists. They've even got another store in Covent Garden which has an art gallery below where you can buy some of the artwork. What are you waiting for? Get yourselves down there today or alternatively you can check out their brilliant website here. Keep up the good work guys. I cannot wait to see what you have lined up next!

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