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Verizon iPhone 4

Looks like there is a god after all, anyone who has been prostate in prayer over the last few eons because of the torture that is AT&T's US network will be breathing a sigh of relief with the launch of the iPhone 4 on the big red network. Apart from an antenna re-arrangement which is CDMA exclusive ( for a second I thought that they had fixed the antenna issue ) the phone also features a Wi-Fi hotspot. Something that has been incorporated into the phone and not by the network, the phone also features an updated version of iOS called 4.2.5, does that mean that we might see this filtered down to non-CDMA models in the near future via a software update? The phone can be pre-ordered from February 3 for $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model on a 2 year contract. Available February 10.

via Apple