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Fuji FinePix XP30

There seems to a growing demand for robust gadgets these days, I really liked the Motorola Defy, thought it was great, something most phones should be built like. It's all nice that they use glass and exotic materials these days, but what's the point when the screen shatters to a million bits when you drop if from only a few feet above the ground. Fujifilm have given their all new FinePix XP30 the 'Rambo' treatment. A 14.2 megapixel lens, 5x wide optical zoom (28-140mm), and a 2.7" rear LCD all combined into a stylish package that can withstand the elements along with geotagging, a first in a camera must say, when switched on it traces your steps via a phototracking feature and displays place/name or grid coordinates. Sync it with your computer and the provided software gives you a map of all the places you have been courtesy of google maps. The camera can be purchased here.