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Ciil Technologies Waterproof HDTV

Ever since I've had my iPad i have contemplated securing it above my bath, but given the reputation that i have, i am sure to knock it into the drip at some stage. I can picture it already. But what if you want a television in your bathroom or near the pool. Not many companies have been able to combine waterproofing and large displays, it's a known fact, HDTV's heat up. A lot! You cannot seal the housing to waterproof it cause the set would simple overheat. For a company that's only a year old Ciil Technologies but have brought out a line of displays ranging from 32-55 inches, all capable of 1080p playback that can be submerged in five feet of water! For upto eight hours straight. They can even withstand direct pressure washing. The secret to achieving this without flooding the insides is a fully-encapsulated, dynamic thermal transfer system that allows the unit's internal components to remain balanced without the need for vents, filters or exhaust fans. The company plans to target the commercial market but there is no reason why you would not get one of these bad boys for MTV Crib style bathroom! You can find out more about the product and prices right here.